The Best Types of Braces for Adults

The Best Types of Braces for Adults


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Getting braces as an adult is a huge step! Not only will you improve your smile and overall appearance with braces, but it will align your teeth and jaw, resulting in healthier teeth over the course of your life! Now that’s something worth investing in!

If you’ve been considering braces, then look no further than Williams and Hamman in Southaven and Olive Branch. We offer all the support you need and the diverse treatment option to get you the smile you deserve faster and easier than ever. Don’t keep putting it off, now is the best time to get started!

Let’s spend a little time talking through the reasons why adults may want or need to get braces, and which options might be the best ones for you!

Reasons Why Adults Might Need Braces

a beautiful smile

Wanting braces because you are self-conscious about your smile is nothing to be ashamed of. Your smile is often one of the first things notice about you when they meet you, so of course you want to make a great first impression. Whether it’s at work, school, or at social events, your smile matters, and crafting a gorgeous smile that you will be proud of is a huge accomplishment and worth the effort. 

resolving an injury or issue

Life happens unexpectedly, and that includes accidents and aging. If you have suffered an accident that altered your facial structure, knocked out teeth, or you have lost teeth due to age or other issues, you may struggle with your smile. Once one tooth is missing, often the surrounding teeth begin to move, and the bones in your jaw and face will shift to support this new misalignment. It can totally change your appearance and be really troublesome for eating and talking.

Definitely give our office a call if you are struggling with this kind of tooth loss issue. We offer free consultation appointments where Dr. Williams or Dr. Hamman will sit down and evaluate your situation and offer some orthodontic treatment options for your unique needs!

fixing a bite problem

If you have ever experienced the pain and frustration of a bite problem, then you know how difficult it can be! Some people have daily pain in their jaw, issues with speaking, chewing, and breathing, and generally struggle to maintain a great quality of life just because of their jaw! Adult braces are a great solution to this challenging problem, and we have seen so many of our patients see a huge improvement after having braces. 

just because you want to!

Getting braces just because you want to is a great reason in our opinion! As an adult, we are often told that we need to prioritize so many different things in our lives, but why can’t we prioritize our own health and appearance? It’s time to be empowered and make that choice for yourself! There’s no need to hold back or delay, give us a call today to get started!

Our Top Orthodontic Treatment Recommendations for Adults

Clear braces 

Clear braces are often our first recommendation for adults who need treatment with braces. We love recommending them because they provide so much strength, and shifting power, and are super discreet as they are made with tooth-colored ceramic. Many adults prefer them for these reasons, though note that they are slightly more expensive than metal braces, and they need to be treated carefully since they are not as strong as metal, and stain more easily. These issues aside, many, many of our adult patients absolutely love their clear braces and recommend them!

Metal braces

Just because clear braces work so well doesn’t mean we don’t love our metal braces, too. At a lower price point, metal braces have been getting the job done for patients for many years and are just so effective at shifting even the most stubborn cases. Don’t discount metal just because they are a little more obvious!

Invisalign retainers

Invisalign doesn’t technically count since they aren’t actually braces, but they are a really effective treatment method for some people. These clear retainers sit over your teeth and shift them throughout the day, and as you update your retainers every week or two. They are the most discreet option available, and they make eating and cleaning your teeth a breeze. Ask our doctors if Invisalign could be a good fit for you if braces aren’t necessary. 

Find Your Best Smile at Williams and Hamman Orthodontics

Regardless of your age or which treatment you choose, know that you will get the best care and support possible at Williams and Hamman Orthodontics! Our team of professionals is here to take care of you and your smile, and thanks to our free consultation appointment, you can come in for a full evaluation at no cost to you! Give us a call to set up an appointment soon!

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