Retainers: Preserving Your Perfect Smile for a Lifetime

Retainers: Preserving Your Perfect Smile for a Lifetime

Posted by Nathan Hamman Dec 27, 2023

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At Williams & Hamman Orthodontics, retainers are orthodontic devices designed to maintain teeth alignment following the completion of braces or other orthodontic treatments. Usually made of plastic or metal, retainers are custom-fit to the individual's mouth and are worn over the teeth. They work by preventing teeth from shifting back to their original positions, allowing the surrounding bone and tissues to adapt to the new alignment. Retainers are a crucial element of orthodontic aftercare, ensuring that the results of orthodontic treatments are preserved and that individuals can enjoy a lasting, beautifully aligned smile.

Types of Retainers

Hawley Retainers

Hawley retainers are one of the most common types and consist of a combination of acrylic and metal. The retainer includes a plastic base that sits against the roof of the mouth and a wire that holds the teeth in place. Hawley retainers are removable and can be adjusted for minor tooth movements.

Essix Retainers

Essix retainers, also known as clear retainers, are made of transparent plastic and cover the entire arch of teeth. They are virtually invisible when worn and are popular for their aesthetic appeal. Essix retainers are removable and offer a discreet option for maintaining tooth alignment.

Fixed or Bonded Retainers

Fixed or bonded retainers consist of a thin wire connected to the back of the teeth. Unlike removable retainers, fixed retainers are not taken out by the wearer and provide a continuous stabilizing force to prevent teeth from shifting. They are particularly effective for maintaining alignment in the lower front teeth.

The Uses of Retainers

Preservation of Tooth Alignment

The primary use of retainers in Olive Branch, MS, is to preserve the corrected alignment of teeth achieved through orthodontic treatments such as braces or clear aligners. After the active phase of treatment, where teeth are moved into their desired positions, retainers help prevent them from shifting back to their original, misaligned state.

Stabilization of Orthodontic Results

Retainers stabilize the newly aligned teeth by allowing the surrounding bone and tissues to adapt. This stabilization phase is crucial in preventing relapse, where teeth may gradually return to their previous positions if not adequately supported.

Prevention of Crowding or Spacing Issues

By wearing retainers, individuals can prevent crowding or spacing issues that may develop over time as a natural part of aging or due to factors like wisdom teeth eruption. Retainers help maintain teeth' proper spacing and alignment for a harmonious and functional bite.

By embracing the commitment to wear retainers as prescribed, you safeguard your investment in a beautifully aligned smile and contribute to long-term oral health and confidence. If you're on the brink of completing your orthodontic journey, visit Williams & Hamman Orthodontics at 399 Southcrest Ct., Suite B, Southaven, MS 38671, or 5036 Goodman Rd. #118, Olive Branch, MS 38654, to embrace the power of retainers and embark on the next phase of preserving your radiant smile for years to come. You can schedule an appointment online or call us at (662) 349-2196 or (662) 892-8489.

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