Orthodontic Emergencies: What to Do When the Unexpected Strikes

Orthodontic Emergencies: What to Do When the Unexpected Strikes

Posted by Nathan Hamman Jan 31, 2024

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Orthodontic emergencies refer to unforeseen situations that require immediate attention or intervention during orthodontic treatment. These emergencies include loose or broken brackets, protruding wires, discomfort from new appliances or adjustments, swollen gums, trauma or injury to the face or mouth, and lost or broken retainers. Prompt communication with our orthodontist at Williams & Hamman Orthodontics, is crucial in these situations, as they can provide guidance on interim solutions and schedule necessary appointments to address the emergency effectively. Responding promptly and appropriately to orthodontic emergencies ensures the continuity of care and helps individuals navigate unexpected challenges on their path to a beautifully aligned smile.

What to Do during Orthodontic Emergencies?

Loose or Broken Brackets

Suppose you experience a loose or broken bracket. In that case, the first step is to contact our dentist in Southaven, MS. If the bracket is still attached to the wire, apply orthodontic wax to prevent irritation to the cheeks and gums. Avoid attempting to reattach the bracket yourself, as this should be done by a professional during your orthodontic appointment.

Poking or Protruding Wires

If a wire is poking or protruding, gently push it back into place using sanitized tweezers. Cover the protruding end with orthodontic wax to prevent discomfort and potential injury if this is impossible. Contact our orthodontist promptly to schedule an appointment for further guidance and adjustments.

Lost or Broken Retainers

In the case of a lost or broken retainer, contact our office as soon as possible. Refrain from repairing the retainer yourself, as this may affect its effectiveness. Follow any specific instructions the orthodontic team provides and schedule an appointment for a replacement or repair. Contact us today!

Swollen or Irritated Gums

Rinse your mouth with a warm saltwater solution to reduce gum inflammation. Maintain thorough oral hygiene practices, and if the issue persists, consult our orthodontist for an evaluation and personalized recommendations.

The Benefits of Ortho Emergencies

Orthodontic emergencies, though unexpected, present unique opportunities for timely interventions that can positively impact orthodontic treatment outcomes. Addressing issues such as broken braces, protruding wires, or discomfort promptly ensures the continued effectiveness of the orthodontic appliances and contributes to a smoother overall treatment process. Patients experiencing ortho emergencies in Southaven, MS, can benefit from reduced treatment disruptions, enhanced comfort, and minimized risks of complications. Seeking immediate attention allows orthodontic professionals to make necessary adjustments, fostering progress toward a beautifully aligned smile. Embracing ortho emergencies as opportunities for swift and effective solutions ultimately contributes to the success and efficiency of the orthodontic journey. 

Handling common orthodontic emergencies with a calm and informed approach is crucial for the success of your orthodontic journey. Visit Williams & Hamman Orthodontics at 399 Southcrest Ct., Suite B, Southaven, MS 38671, or 5036 Goodman Rd. #118, Olive Branch, MS 38654, as they can offer guidance, schedule necessary appointments, and ensure that your treatment progresses smoothly. You can schedule an appointment online or call us at (662) 349-2196 or (662) 892-8489.

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