Extraction vs. Non-Extraction Therapy

Extraction vs. Non-Extraction Therapy


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Williams & Hamman Orthodontics is proud to be DeSoto County’s go-to solution for stunning, healthy smiles, and a big part of that is our commitment to keeping patients like you informed. Today we’re singling out extraction therapy in orthodontics. – what is it? What does it treat? And is it right for you? Read on to learn more about extraction vs. non-extraction therapy, and we’ll answer these questions and much more! 

What Sorts of Orthodontic Issues Might Call for Extraction Therapy?

Good question! Several problems related to your orthodontic health may make extraction therapy a good choice for you and your smile. But what sorts of issues are these? 

They may be situations in which there isn’t enough room in the jawline for your teeth to have a healthy relationship together. Maybe there isn’t enough space due to a naturally more narrow jaw, or you have a few more teeth than ideal. This is perfectly normal! Around 10% of all Americans have what is considered to be a ‘narrow’ jaw, and something like 4% has hyperdontia or extra teeth.

In either case, Dr. Williams, Dr. Hamman, or Dr. Swearingen may decide that extraction is the best course of therapy for you. If that’s the case, there’s nothing to worry about!

Getting to Know Extraction Therapy 

Let’s start with the basics: What is extraction therapy? Extraction therapy is a dental procedure that addresses orthodontic or dental issues that pose significant risks to oral health. It involves the removal of a problematic tooth to improve your overall well-being. Extraction therapy, also known as tooth extraction or orthodontic extractions, is a procedure that we use to create space and get you ready for our doctors to straighten the rest of your teeth. Correcting dental malocclusions or misalignments of the teeth and jaws is a perfectly normal part of orthodontic treatment.

If one of our doctors recommends extraction therapy, both parties will work together to decide whether tooth removal is the most suitable for enhancing your smile and/or facial esthetics. The dentist will evaluate various factors, including the severity of the malocclusion, the condition of your dental arches, and the availability of space for tooth movement. Furthermore, they will consider your overall facial profile and the requirements for a healthy bite before opting for extraction therapy. This decision is never made on autopilot; it is carefully considered based on your unique circumstances.

How About Non-Extraction Therapies? What Are My Options? 

Then again, you have your non-extraction therapies, which consist of various therapeutic options that do not involve teeth removal. This approach focuses on using the existing space within the dental arches and employing techniques to create additional room for tooth movement. This way, you can get your optimal smile and a healthy bite without tooth extraction.

Non-extraction therapy is ideal for patients with mild to moderate crowding as long as the crowding is manageable and we can effectively address it without removing teeth. We’ll consider standard orthodontic appliances like braces or aligners that can gradually shift the teeth into their positions within the available space.

Non-extraction therapy is often the best approach if your facial profile is already well-balanced and harmonious. In these instances, Dr. Williams or Dr. Hamman will work to keep the natural proportions of your face just as they are without making significant changes to the tooth-to-lip relationship. It’s a pretty good deal if this describes you! 

Additionally, non-extraction therapy is more feasible when you have favorable jaw relationships and a fully functional bite. This approach is usually preferred if your upper and lower jaws align well and your bite is stable and effective. It means that your teeth fit together correctly when your jaws are closed, and you don’t have significant issues with chewing or speaking.

What to Expect With Extraction Therapy

If our doctors decide that extraction is the best action for your smile story, there’s no need to worry. The Williams & Hamman team is highly skilled and trained to ensure the procedure goes smoothly and comfortably for you.

Modern extraction therapy techniques minimize the procedure’s invasiveness, making your experience quick and easy. Dr. Williams, Dr. Hamman, and Dr. Swearingen employ a conservative approach that preserves as much dental tissue as possible while ensuring you get the perfect results.

These minimally invasive techniques eliminate any trauma to surrounding tissues, promote faster healing, and enhance patient comfort throughout the treatment. So, even if we recommend extraction, you can be confident that you won’t have to deal with severe discomfort or long-lasting orthodontic issues surrounding the missing tooth. 

Knowing the differences between extraction and non-extraction therapy is a good tool for deciding the best approach for your smile. We’ll always work to save the tooth first, but sometimes it’s best to get rid of a problem tooth. The final decision will depend on several factors we’ll evaluate, such as the severity of your malocclusion, your unique facial profile, and how well your bite functions. 

We always work to help you unlock the healthiest and happiest smile possible at Williams & Hamman Orthodontics. Whether we find a way to save the tooth or if we recommend extraction, you can trust our expertise and commitment to the best possible result.

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Thanks so much for taking the time out of your schedule to learn more about extraction therapy! At Williams & Hamman Orthodontics, we dedicate our lives to empowering our amazing Olive Branch and Southaven patients; articles like this are a big part of that commitment. 

Now all that’s left to do is to start your smile journey with Williams & Hamman! Consultations are free-of-charge, so there’s no commitment! 

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